The ruins of the city of Argos are located at the western edge of the modern city of Argos in the Peloponnese.

Like Tiryns, Argos was inhabited in the Neolithic Era, but it was most powerful during the Bronze Age. It was near other important cities of the same period, such as Mycenae (12 km to the north) and Tiryns (8 km to the southeast). The city continued its status as a city state into the classical period and later became part of the Roman Empire. It is still a relatively large city today.

The main ruins of the city are clustered together at the base of the hill on the western side of the modern city of Argos. There are two areas across the street from each other.





















Tips for the Visitor
As a large town, Argos is served by various intercity bus connections. Many tourists in this part of Greece often base themselves in Nafplio. If that is the case for you, there are frequent buses which depart Nafplio and stop at Tiryns and Argos on the way to Mycenae.

Location Map