The Rockpile Project

About the Project

About the Website

The Rockpile Project website was launched in January 2018.

It aims to explore the archaeology of the distant past and to make information on archaeology and archaeological sites more accessible to the general public.

All the photos on this website are the work of the Rockpile Project unless otherwise credited. Our photos may be freely used and shared. We only ask that we are credited as the source of any of our photos.

Whether you are searching for topic ideas for research, planning a trip, or just looking to find some information on these amazing places, we welcome you to the site and hope that you find it useful.

Rock on.


About the Author

The Rockpile Project is the work of Chris Borhani. Originally from Michigan (USA), Chris studied history at Michigan State University and earned a graduate degree from the University of Michigan before embarking on an overseas career which has lasted more than two decades, during which he has held faculty appointments as a lecturer of English at several universities in South Korea and Turkey. He currently lives in Greece.

Outside of the classroom, Chris has continued his studies of topics related to the past which he began during his formal education. His main interests are in archaeology, prehistory, ancient civilizations, mythology, art history, and languages — both modern and ancient.

In addition to his nonfiction writing about ancient sites, Chris is also interested in creating fiction inspired by the mysteries of the past. In August 2019, he published his first novel, The Elmesu Stone, which is intended to be the first of a series. For more about Chris and his work as an author, please visit